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summit 2.0

Found here,


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Last Friday I had my first company meeting, and it was a blast. It was the biggest show I’ve been in, and the show didn’t disappoint at all. For a lot of people, the CM was getting old. The demos were just demos, and there wasn’t a lot of inspiring things that the management team could muster out to rally us.

Though there were negative press, I, for one, felt inspired by all the speakers, and really believe in what we are doing moving forward in FY12. I got a taste of what the different technologies that we are rolling out this year, and what promise they have. It’s really hard to imagine how many different products we have. It’s not easy to lead a big army forward.

The best analogy is to compare the vast product lines to China. For China to prosper, you need a lot of people, getting through the initial hurdle, being unified, and working together to create value. We are seeing that now, and I think it shouldn’t be long before all the technologies cross and become integrated and make our services and products so rich and powerful.

SteveB may not have the vision, but you can’t look at the company with one driving force. Instead, you have to get inspired by upper management in your own division. I believe we are moving forward with a big step. Hopefully, this sets up for a giant step forward next year.

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new PC

A strange thought came to me. Should I get a new MBP to run windows? I think I ought to get a conventional PC to run windows man, otherwise I’m going to look really foolish at work.

I’ve been comtemplating the different route to take for this new PC. First of all, it’s always my thinking that I need a new PC+Mac to keep up with life. This is like having new underwear every so often because it’s important to learn about new technologies.

Now, for a PC, I want to get a top-notch one so that I can use it for a long time. Besides, the better it is, the longer it lasts. I’d rather get a good one than for the price of two mediocre ones.


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Mcdonald ain’t as good down in the states

So I tried the famous McDonald breakfast and it was horrible. The hasbrown was over-fried, the coffee was disgusting, and the sausage in the bun looks like it’s artificial. I have a feeling that these in-genuine food is what makes American fat.

I’m going to stop eating that crap also because it’s expensive and it’s just not worth the price. I’ll look for alternative food around campus, but so far my sandwiches are holding up as the best alternative food for lunch.

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productivity at work

Is it because of big companies that there can be so much going on that one can get detour from the daily work and all of a sudden really a day went by without much productivity to show for it. One can also argue, maybe this is the new status quo, and productivity is usually measured by the week, and not by the day.

Monday can be a day that you sort out your emails, plan your goals, and devise a plan to work on it, and then the rest of the week is actually devoted to working on it. I hope this is the case for me, because I need to seriously pick things up and get stuff working soon.

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listening to Sacca

Wow. It was another moment of awe when you listen to these valley veterans, who just seems to be well connected to each other. Not surprisingly, listening to Kevin Rose’s Foundation videos, I learned quite a few big names in the valley, and also get to know what makes those people special.

I didn’t know Sacca at all, but after listening to his episode with Rose, I felt like I know him for so long.  He’s just one of those smart people who naturally gets ahead of the curve because of some fundamental thinking. You don’t need to be a genius. Start with a good heart, hard work, and do all the proper things the proper way, and good things will come.

Do well at school, be generally smart, and network, because that is the only way to get yourself good gigs, know more people, and expand out of your routine.

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