Hello Linux!

I started this blog to write down my adventures with Linux. It looks like it’s a bridge between Windows and Mac, but free. It’s also got a lot of community involvement, so that it’s easy to get help in.

I’ve installed Ubuntu 9.04 before, but now made a clean install on 10.10. Need to figure out how to partition the HD.

First, I’ll highlight a list of apps that I find useful for now:

  • Set up shortcut for Terminal
  • GIMP – Photoshop for linux
  • Gnome do – search tool
  • KDE – IDE
  • Eclipse – IDE
  • Emacs
  • VLC – video playback
  • Chrome
  • x264 – just for fun
  • some image and video codecs
  • XAMPP – to play with the LAMP stack
Things that I need to learn:
  • wget and use it to get new packages, download random stuff
  • upgrade to 11.04 when it comes out on Apr. 28
  • Emacs or Vi. I can do basic Vi stuff, but I think knowing one of them well is important.
  • gdb and other tools for debugging

About dchana

all about connecting technology to everyday life and making things simple
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