IP address

Can’t even figure out how to check the IP address on the terminal.

– openoffice crashed the first time I use it to modify a .doc file.

Web sharing is nasty. The problem is solved by $30 of wireless network card, so now I can use a desktop wirelessly. But had to spend time to fix the Mac because I assigned a manual DHCP. I had to set it back to auto, and let the assistant reboot the connection for me. In a way, Mac made it simple to fix the problem. To do that, they made it simple by restricting control, and so their domain of solution is reduced. I like that.

Downloaded some games on the iPad. The Need for Speed game sucked. The gyro and the control wasn’t that smooth, and the graphics was only so-so. Maybe that was an iPad 1 game, because I would expect an iPad 2 game to be much better, and my expectations are already pretty low.

Civ4 revisited. It’s boring and bullshit to play a peaceful game. The game is about building units, and if you play like Gandhi all the time, you’re going to be a forever developing nation and lots of poor people and using black and white phones when everyone is a black and white iPhone. Gotta start killing from the first day, remember, land appreciates in value.

Should definitely start reading the Economist. Knowing some economics is also a good thing too, especially when I’m TA-ing the shit.

-should use @me.com for personal email, school stuff remain @sfu.


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