iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 has definitely opened up my eyes with some of its apps. I’ve been wanting to do so many things and now I get a chance to do it, but with some restrictions. I’ve always wanted to catch up on my tweets going to and from work, using Instagram and Photosynth all the time.

Having data on the go, it feels like a necessity when you see everyone out there using it. In a way, without the air time and SMS, I’ve sort of isolated myself with the rest of the world. This is why communication between people is so important. Now, I can put my life on the web, for the purpose of sharing, communicating, and learning about the world around us. All for the better.


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One Response to iPhone 4

  1. dchana says:

    Was walking home from Brentwood for the second time in a week, and during the walk, checked tweets and got Canucks score up to the minute. That’s a significant improvement. Way to go data!

    Had other times when tweets and emails are not coming in, I wonder what I could do with the phone. Should I really give in and play some social games? What other things can I do instead?

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