MWNW 2011

The Make Web Not War conference is a hip conference! It’s a place where awesome people demo awesome apps, and other spectators trying to join for the fun. It’s also nice to see that the web arena has both young and old people, and more girls too. I think the web is very welcoming to programmers, and that it’s such a diverse field that web developers may not really understand the technologies that others are using for their “web” development. So, it comes down to, which part of the web do you work on?

I take it that PHP is such a core language that we need to learn, and probably Javascript as well. There’s also a movement about open data. City data that belongs to the people, and people are encouraged to use them to build apps. The biggest theme here is that Microsoft is actually a big advocate in Open Source technologies, and they have some awesome projects going on with the open source movement. They realize they need to harness the power of open source community, and make them allies instead of enemies.

It’s true that MS products are proprietary, but that’s because it is meant for the enterprise. To the average joe, MS is providing support to the open source community, which would in turn help its own technologies.

Need to check out some of MS’s open source technologies, such as:

  • Websitespark
  • Windows Azure
  • Expression Studio 3
  • MS Webmatrix?

Need to pick up the studying on the web soon.


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One Response to MWNW 2011

  1. dchana says:

    It was interesting to find out that in Twitter recruiting, they needed someone who knows database and OLAP side of things, and Javascript as the main technology.

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