learning by doing

Saw a nice Canucks bus. Took a picture in seconds, then post it later. Went to school and did some poster work. Questioned myself why I did it, and the reason was simple – making your boss look good. When you make your boss look good, you look good. When your boss shells out $120 to buy burgers for everyone in the company, he’s telling us to all contribute. In the grand scheme of things, devoting a few hr to do this isn’t so bad. It is definitely a good time off from the regular work that we do.

Isn’t this part of enchanting your boss? If you want to look good, make your boss look good.

#1 If you want to look good, make your boss look good.
#2 Try to come up with a personal example of tips that you learn.

Had this thought about snapping whatever photos you see, and really test out the Facebook photo sharing feature. How many pictures can it sustain? There must be people stretching the limits of the service. Life can be much more enjoyable if you start paying attention to the things and people around you.


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One Response to learning by doing

  1. dchana says:

    A photo a day thing is really not a bad idea, because it makes you look at your life a bit closer. I recommend everyone do that. Heck I should start doing that myself.

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