Long week, and long weekend ahead

Finally survived through another week, where a lot of work have piled up towards the end of the week, and to be carried over through the long weekend to next week. But life is good, learning and chugging away, so it’s fun.

Finally learning Git. It only takes courage to start learning it, and use it eventually. These are bags of tricks that one needs to learn to expand on the repertoire of software developing skills.

Had a great day today with the balance of work. Was able to get some work done while I was in the ACW. Hoping the good trend continues, but more thinking about working at night to make up for some work on Friday.

Read a post today about how Steve Jobs told the Nike CEO to get rid of the crappy stuff – meaning focus on good products and ignore doing crappy stuff. Moreover, learning how to say no to other opportunities, and focus on all your energies to ride the horses that gives you the best chance to succeed.

OLAP is not bullshit. Apparently Twitter requires it for its database use. And if you think about social media or networking, everything resolves around a strong understanding of database. So, why wait before installing MySQL and start using it?


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