stumbled upon Fog Creek

Not long ago I started reading Joel Spolsky’s take on Software – a book of it. That is at a time when Simba is using FogBugz. I never made the connection, until one day I look up exactly what Fog Creek does, and realize that it made FogBugz. This is cool because I am reading about this software company and using its software. They certainly make some nice bug tracking system.

Also, there is a movie made about 4 interns making and shipping a product in 10 weeks. That’s kind of a big deal when you think about it, or at least to me. So I plan to find that movie and see what I can learn from that.

So now I’m trying to take bags of tricks from Joel in his knowledge of software. A lot of it makes sense to me. I have yet found anything to rebut against. Some points to take home are:

  • Don’t rewrite code from scratch. This is tempting because it is easier to write code than to read and understand other people’s code.
  • more to come …


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