Cranky moment at work

Rarely do I feel angry about work, because I’m usually not emotionally invested to it. In fact, I normally don’t put in a lot of emotions to my work.

I felt a bit upset over some carelessly filled Fogbugz cases, which basically gave me the feeling that “something seems wrong, go figure out and then fix it”. First of all, the case was described poorly, and then after fixing it, I realized it was due to the inadequate ability of the case filer who couldn’t figure out what the heck was going on in the first place. That reminds me of negative impacts from coworkers. That was a moment of negative impact.

Luckily, you talk to someone who gives you a fresh perspective, and then you move on an look at the next problem. The rest of the night was epic, as the Canucks finished off the Sharks in 2OT.


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