moment of reflection for work

Some things really struck me and stayed with me lately, and that’s the notion of workaholism. I normally ignore it or treat it like a fad, but in the recent months I’ve been practicing it and living it through and through.

I rarely have any off time other than watching hockey or movie, but most of  the time I’ve been putting myself in situations that are professionally/academically related, which is work.

It’s fun to make things happen, and even more happy to be recognized by it, in terms of having new work opportunities, and just all around feeling good in the workplace. Getting the respect from your peers is just icing on the cake.

Speaking of work, the fact that things are not all coming in at waves really help me pace myself. Imagine I have to do marking, making delivery, and doing weekly office hours and ACW workshop all at once, and writing thesis or even as crazy as GSOC Well, I guess I have to have  twin to help offload some work.

Picked up another job of this interesting education. Actually can’t wait to get started. That’s one thing I like myself, is the curiosity of trying new things, and having an open mind for technology, knowledge, and interest in things around us.

207 has been a joke thus far in May. Haven’t heard from Allan at all, and just collecting money. ACW has been fun. I felt that my teaching has reached another level from the way I help the students. Having that excitement and enthusiasm really makes students at ease when they come to me and ask for help. Also, getting to a deeper level and understanding their concerns in math and as a person help them open up, and have a good time during the workshop. I’m looking forward to having a blast this semester there.

Day job is fine. When you are working towards a delivery, it becomes intense, and time is really against you. But the folks know how to make things manageable, and it’s never over the top, so that’s good. Gotta give props to those in charge for making the goals achievable, yet challenging to an extent that it gives give you a bit of a scare. Just the way I want it, and I think I can do a bit more next tim.



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