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It’s been a while since I saw my university friends. Once every semester is about right, and the feeling is good because in our age and in the current state affairs, we all move fast in what we do. People … Continue reading

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Windows WP7

Found a interesting picture with hot girls advertising for switching to develop in WP7. Pretty funny. There is the WP7 student mango competition, found here. Going to try it out. I am thinking of the guitar idea, or the sports … Continue reading

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MBA joke

The funny read from John Bigg’s MacBook Air updates. It’s the MBA refresh. Kind of funny, and shared it on Facebook, from here. Have been setting some tweets to favourites, so in addition to blogging religiously everyday, I should pay … Continue reading

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I’ve joined several meetup groups and all the talks look very interesting. The problem is, I feel so tired already after work everyday, and I just didn’t have the energy to attend and contribute in an energetic way. I felt … Continue reading

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Kinect SDK came out

So the Kinect SDK came out last week and I downloaded a startup paper to read to familiarize myself with the SDK and how to install it with the Kinect. Well, I will need to buy a Kinect to really … Continue reading

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blog once a day

When am I going to have the wisdom like Seth Godin to have something interesting to say each day? I felt that whenever I blog, I am using a part of my brain to reflect on things that happened on … Continue reading

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Peace on the iPad

The iPad only has 8 bars on each string, which sucks because you can’t play notes that are higher than 8 bars. But I just found out that you can play those notes on the next string. Moreover, when you … Continue reading

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