Canucks lost game 7 final

However, that is not the story line. The people cares more about the city, and how friendly-looking people in this city shows their true nature by tearing the city apart because of an excuse. This city has troubles, and troubles come from all sorts of factors, such as high living standards, rich/poor jealously, social inequity, and today it is all expressed in downtown Vancouver.

For the rest of us who are doing our due diligence, it is sad to see, to say the least. Nobody remembered or felt bad about the Canucks losing another Game 7 Stanley Cup finals anymore, and by good measures. It is one sad day to remember.


On the other hand, I was able to get some minor work done. Finishing that IEEE Contact article, and updating the list of books to read in GoodReads.

Have been spending a lot of money lately, mostly because I’m catching up with friends. Felt bad for spending even more money before that was drowned. At least now every penny I spent is well worth it.


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