new MBP and Kinect ideas

I took the bus today to and from school, so there was a lot of waiting time, which means I get to spend a lot of time on twitter reading about tech news and doing a little bit of thinking while listening to music. I’ve always enjoyed it, because it lets me daydream.

Kinect SDK was available, and at the same time I am interested in Avery Wang’s Kazam algorithm, here, published in 2003. Cool to find out that there are a lot of hype on it since the paper debut, and people do research over it. I thought about applying to Karaoke, and one of my oldest ideas: reverse engineer guitar videos on youtube and generate music scores. More on this: I will write about Kazam in a separate blog post.

MBP with Sandy Bridge and Thunderbolt available. Is it time to retire my old Mac? What about slapping a Windows 7 sticker over the Apple logo and call it “2011 will never be 2011”? LOL.


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