ideas starting to come together

I’ve always thought about the an app for sports, like voting for sports games, or “social decision-making”, as suggested by Quikpiq (bad name!). It kind of came together now as I think about making decisions that requires instant replies. I think Quikpiq suffers from people responding at will, instead of quick instant replies like SMS. If you want to make a decision about something, you kind of want their replies ASAP. Sure that’s going to disturb their peace a bit, but the value of the reply decreases exponentially if you wait.

Stepping aside, in sports, you want people to vote for game results, sort of like sports actions, but with more choices. People win points/badges, which translates to bragging rights, and the more people who join the draw, the more points up for grabs. The exact point-model system is not refined yet, but the basic idea serves a good motivation for users to try to get more people to be involved in any questions.

If we want users to be able to come up with any questions, then we got to provide a way to answer those questions correctly, and be able to award points.


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