Kinect SDK came out

So the Kinect SDK came out last week and I downloaded a startup paper to read to familiarize myself with the SDK and how to install it with the Kinect. Well, I will need to buy a Kinect to really play with it.

Despite the Kinect possess a camera that can track skeleton and depth, I think the audio is what’s going to be interesting. The first thing to try is the Shazam idea on the Kinect. It’s ok to have an alternate implementation of something commercial, because it’s a learning experience…

Windows dev may look promising with all these gadgets coming up. Now I’m hearing WP7 and Skype integration, with Xbox. Wow, all of a sudden I think it is somehow related to OnLive. When the bandwidth gets fatter, I think all these cool technologies can really be integrated and can do much more computing than Apple products. Is Microsoft building for the future?



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