Peace on the iPad

The iPad only has 8 bars on each string, which sucks because you can’t play notes that are higher than 8 bars. But I just found out that you can play those notes on the next string. Moreover, when you play guitar on the iPad, it’s probably better to forget the real guitar skills, and learn the iPad guitar from scratch. The notes are going to change because you can play the bars that are mod 9.

In a way I felt good because I can actually play the song in its entirety, but on the other hand I felt so stupid for not knowing it until now.

More than half way reading Sarah Lacy’s new book. Learned a lot about China, and will definitely blog about the book.

Entrepreneurship classes: here, and an awesome slide about starting a business here. Should summarize both items.

Now if you could excuse me, I got to finish some homework.


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