MBA joke

The funny read from John Bigg’s MacBook Air updates. It’s the MBA refresh. Kind of funny, and shared it on Facebook, from here.

Have been setting some tweets to favourites, so in addition to blogging religiously everyday, I should pay attention to my favourite tweets too.

WWDC 2011 sessions are out, so I need to log in and listen to them.

DEMO, GROW, and FOWA. Lots of speakers to follow on twitter. I find that my tweets are not coming in fast enough to occupy me when I’m in full twitter gear. I typically spend 2 seconds to read a tweet, so that means tweets need to come in at 0.5 tw/sec.


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One Response to MBA joke

  1. dchana says:

    Even the WWDC 2010 is out too, and watching on the iPad is not bad.

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