It’s been a while since I saw my university friends. Once every semester is about right, and the feeling is good because in our age and in the current state affairs, we all move fast in what we do. People change very fast, so it’s important to keep in touch with people, and know about what’s up with each other. And since we’re all in the same industry, it’s great to know what the market is like in their eyes.

I meet up with my HS friends more regularly now, because we live close by, so that we can easily gather for basketball, food, or games. This Friday, hopefully we can pull off a dim sum. It’s been a long time since I ate with them. Obviously for HS friends, everyone has their own path, some are more successful than the others, but what’s good about the friendship is it’s real. Nobody invades others’ professional lives, so that it makes it a more honest relationship for both sides.

On a related note, Google+ rolled out and I didn’t get an invite in the 2nd day yet. Still trying. Will it be a facebook killer? I think so, because I believe in the people making it.


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