Windows WP7

Found a interesting picture with hot girls advertising for switching to develop in WP7. Pretty funny. There is the WP7 student mango competition, found here. Going to try it out. I am thinking of the guitar idea, or the sports idea. Either one. Gotta move fast, otherwise free phones will be gone soon.

Another interesting thing is an article on why great engineers should work alone and that mediocre ones will only delay the good ones, found here. There really isn’t a formula to explain why, but great people have ideas that they can’t compromise with the average person. Examples include artists, designers, and more often than not, programmers.

Making progress to volunteer for GROW. Hopefully I get to go there with a volunteering pass.

Continued playing basketball whenever I can find time, but it’s taking a lot out of my limited time remaining of the day. I realized that I spend about 1.5hr on the road, and the only thing I can do is to check email and twitter. It’s productive somewhat, but I figure I can do more.

When I get home and have dinner, I end up having only 3 hours left. It’s not that much time when your engine is near the end of the its day, and you still have boring stuff to do, like replying emails to people you don’t have interest in, and getting things done for people you’re not excited about.

Some interesting top 10 business books of 2011 are found here.

Pretty random these days in what I do.


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