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8 ideas of innovation

Article can be found here. Summarized as follows: Solve a problem with a mission Think big, but start small Strive for continual innovation, and not one-time perfection Look for ideas everywhere Share everything Start with imagination, fuel by data Be … Continue reading

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back to basics

Back in the day, not too long ago, I was blogging way more, with more interesting things about myself and the world around me. Lately I stopped paying attention, and haven’t put in the efforts to be innovative and social. … Continue reading

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Design within Code

I have been trying to practice some design skills by making things beautiful and simple. My domain of work is very narrow, so all I can do to design is writing my code in a more elegant way. That is, … Continue reading

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facebook hashtags

Today I found a small bracket of time where I updated my facebook status like 4-5 times. This was partially to make up for the lack of updates in the last few days, but more to do with paying attention … Continue reading

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Old quote

Dug up an old quote: “Some people make things happen.Some watch while things happen. And some wonder “What Happened?” No particular reason how I was thinking about this, but last night after rewatching The Dark Knight, I kind of like … Continue reading

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Programming meets Accounting

Contest for $20,000, found here. Having looked into it, but it’s quite promising. Usually with these kind of ideas, I have about a minute spurt of ideas flowing through my brain, then everything kind of just died down. I’ll read … Continue reading

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Dorsey’s inspiring speech on design

Found here. A lot of people have blogged about it, written about it, and it’s amazing how Jack has that kind of insight in the work that he does. I feel that he’s such a free man that he can … Continue reading

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