Canada Day

It’s been a while since I get a day-off. I often fantasized what I could achieve if I was given a free day to do whatever. It’s not just the time, but the mindset. You feel things around you have stopped moving, and you can have a day to catch up. In reality, many people probably think this way, and so a holiday isn’t really much of a holiday, except that you probably won’t feel bad for sleeping in a bit.

Had a great dim sum with the boys to celebrate Canada day, then now I have the rest of the day working on all the ideas that I had from before. Interesting news that Gavin has the book that I wanted, so I could get it from him, or I can wait from the school library. It’s my choice.

Today happens to be another action-packed day in the Hockey world because of free agents jumping ship to other teams for money and winning, or both. No NBA next season, or a shortened season.


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