Wow! It took many revisions of Facebook to reach to what it is today, and I think Google just almost smacked it out of the park with its offering of Google+. Not that it can really make people switch from Facebook to Google right away, but the features there is very promising, especially with so many things that can be integrated, like all the Google technologies.

For me, who simply does the chatting and information sharing, it’s pretty solid. I kind of think that it is missing something that Facebook has, but it could also be that I, as well as everyone, have been used to what Facebook does, and treat it as the de facto way of social networking.

Once G+ matures, I am sure we can rely less on Facebook, and really spend more time on Google. G+ also prompted me to get a Google phone, and and a Chromebook. Wow, this is getting pretty scary. When does MS start its social networking initiatives?


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