Today is the day before the long weekend, and most people took the day off at work. Fortunately, the rest of us pretty much got the day off without really taking the day off. The mood of the company was pretty relaxed, so we all had a great time with sushi, and then whatever else.

Bought a Kinect on my way home. My god, I only had to pay $67 for a used device after discount. That’s a bargain for a toy these days. ¬†Installed some software and at first glance it seems like it’s working. Though, I didn’t have time to play with the code yet.

July 1st is upon us, and I promised myself to start my thesis and get stuff something done, in the next two months. It is starting to worry me, but I think I can pull it through.


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all about connecting technology to everyday life and making things simple
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