The Valley according to Santoso

Last night had a great chat with Santoso – the dude I drove to the airport, and probably what salvages our friendship. He’s an expert android developer now, on 6-figures salary, and gave me a few tips in Silicon Valley. FB starts at 110k, experienced devs or PMs at 150k. Tablets devs on demand. And, Valley people need to branch out before the next wave comes.

I am thinking, rather than always catching on the wave to be a dev, why not hone in one skill and rise up to start something, or be a visionary and drive a product. Look for what’s next, instead of being the developer of it.

Maybe it’s also time to do some iOS and Android dev, and then there’s WP7. OMG, why am I so slow in the game, and yet I have so much other stuff to do that could easily be a few full-times in its own right.


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1 Response to The Valley according to Santoso

  1. dchana says:

    maybe I should ask him to look at his sample code in Android to learn it faster.

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