Hear Zuck speak for an hour

Right here. And it is only 2 days before the this post.

He addressed some interesting issues, and I can feel that his presentation ability has improved vastly since a few years ago when he was just a kid being the CEO of a big tech company. I think now he’s more used to speaking to people older than him, people who have been in the industry longer than he has been, and he’s not afraid of letting people who are smarter than him take responsibilities.

Facebook is committed to hiring the top 1% of the engineers, and letting them work. The funny bit of it is that he would hire his TAs, and in doing so that would get his peers quit school to join him to work.  Interesting.

New product ideas come from events like Hackathon, but it doesn’t seem like there are structured ways to come up with new ideas. People just have to come up with something new, and put in the effort to build a prototype to let others comment on it.

Facebook has these small teams (3-5 ppl) that manage big projects, like dealing with a data center, or working on major aspects of the infrastructure. There are about 500 engineers, and about 300 of them are in infrastructure, the platform, and the others are applications and others.

FB credits to allow small developers to have a piece of the social gaming space, so that users who buy credits can use them on big guys like Zynga and small players.

He answered questions about Google+. Very diplomatic answer at the beginning, crediting the company as one that he admires growing up, and that they are doing some. He actually dodged the question and said he can’t comment on it yet.

On Facebook dominating the world, how Facebook ID can be a national ID, government using it? Again, Zuck just dodged it and said Facebook is still too young to talk about extending Facebook outside being social.

Last question is pretty good. Wikipedia is a NFO, so why aren’t there companies copying wiki and making money from it? It is really a platform for people to build the data set, an the engine is the people contributing to it. Facebook is like that too. In the future people are going to share more, so the dataset today is nothing compared to the future, so that it’s not the right mindset to think about why Facebook is sharing the information. It’s not data that it cares about. The platform strategy is to port data across, so that people can use it to share more and engage more on the network, which most bloggers don’t get it.

Finally, Zuck says the platform is mature now, people should be excited about apps and experiences.


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