Night Market at Chinatown

This doesn’t like like a technology post, but believe me, there is technology involved.

I was inspired by a short little interview of Steve Jobs, telling us to get different experiences, because that’s the only way to innovate and create new experiences for others. What struct me was, at a tender age of 26, Steve Jobs seemed to know so much, and have a vast amount of ¬†experience in life. It seems unparalleled to a lot of people.

Tonight I took my folks out to Chinatown’s night market, and it was a great decision. As an a aside, it’s been a long time since I made a bad decision. Night market was as usual, same kind of food, but missed the pirated DVDs. But the highlight of the night was the singing displayed by this “sunshine teacher”, who teaches middle-age people how to sing songs in the 60s. For me, it was a cultural retreat, as I get to live through the music of the people in that era. My parents are deeply amazed by the songs, because it really resonates to them. They would much prefer this night market at Chinatown over the more hipped one in Richmond, with all the young people fighting over for overpriced food.

It does feel like you’re going there just to say that you’ve been to a greater night market, but not necessary the more enjoyable one. I would have to say I enjoyed tonight’s night market too. For me, I saw the lady I met in the airplane there. She’s one of the performers at the night market. It was great seeing her.

One more thing, Hon’s actually use the iPod Touch to take orders, and they’ve used it for over 2.5 years. Can you believe that?


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