Tribes & Steve Jobs

Over the weekend I dug up an old Steve Jobs interview from 1982, at the time when he was 26. It was quite inspiring, how Steve Jobs told people to go try out some new experience, when I think some of the people listening to him are probably older than he was.

I also started reading this book called iLeadership, written about how Steve Jobs lead in his early days. The book was written by one of his sidekicks at the time, his left-handed man, Jay Elliot. The book can be found here. So far, there aren’t many gems in the book for me.

Another book that I’m reading is Tribes, by Seth Godin, found here. So far I’m picking up some things. It’s a book that motivates you and give you confidence to be a leader of a tribe, which is a pretty straight-forward thing to do, if you truly believe in something, and you badly want something to be done that way. I think I’ve sort of done some of that in the last little while at work, and on the personal side. I’ve started this blog, which is a small step towards a Tribe movement. I’ve tried to get my parents to adopt change, to do things differently, and I’ve initiated some things at work.


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