Algorithms and the run for time

On America’s birthday, we Canadians didn’t celebrate much, but watched how Americans celebrate. I went to grab an Algorithms book to read from school, kind of enjoyed the bus ride, seeing some young people along the way. And near the end of the day, came across a MIT site on algorithm, found here.

Suddenly feeling a lot of pressure from work and school again. Work is ramping up again, and will consume a lot of brain cells to solve problems. Thesis is going to be nightmare. I almost sort of wished I had made some ground over the weekend to prepare for this massacre. Today I even have to bring work home to do, because I didn’t get it done on time. Wow.

Saw a Kinect application and a iPad app together, displaying 3D, using some libraries from here. No idea what it’s about, but will look for time to find out.

Remember to write things down whenever an idea came about, otherwise you’ll lose it.

How come I can’t find time make a cover and submit to win a phone? Is it that hard?

Starting tomorrow, I am going to live like there is no tomorrow.


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all about connecting technology to everyday life and making things simple
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