Windows Controls

Have been doing some UI programming again – something I never had a lot of respect for because it’s not really designing, and it’s not really coding. It’s like doing the grunt work of other’s design, so that the serious work of tying it all up together is what’s golden.

But there are problems to be solved. Sometimes what is needed, as specified by the feature requirement, cannot be done by dropping some controls and hooking it up. One has to make changes to it. This reminds me how different it is in iOS when all those controls are just the ones that you need, for most apps.

Solving problems are fun, because it keeps the brain moving. I want to expand that learning a bit more, by trying some WPF, or learning more about specific controls. It’s funny when a property of a control is neither in the UI nor intellisense, so that pretty much you have to search for it to find that it exists. Totally weird stuff.


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