Even Controls can be difficult

I’m deep into my UI implementation and have reached a few stumble blocks thus far. It’s no longer just adding a bunch of lists to a control and selecting them properly, it’s now creating dynamic controls and making sure the controls are created and deleted properly in time. This presents a pretty good challenge, and I’ve been having fun figuring things out. I went as far as to use GC (garbage collection) in my code to force the gc manager to clean things up, but I was told not to use it, and let memory run because it’s not a concern.

Jon (neighbor who plays basketball) said to me about programmers have to move up and become managers or designers, and can’t program for too long, because we cannot compete with the young guys who are cheap and faster. Well, I argue that is simply not true. Great programmers take a long time to get to where they are, and if some kid from school can do it better, then the kid deserves everything he gets. I think technical managers don’t necessary code, but manages projects, and make no mistake, people at their thirties still code, and it’s fun.


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