life lessons and luck

Why do some people have all the luck, to be precise, business luck, comes from the following characteristics:

  1. humility – be humble and let others respect you as leaders
  2. intellectual curiosity – curious about what you don’t know, and go about learning it
  3. optimism – there is always a better way to doing things.
29 lessons learned from traveling is an interesting article from what someone has learned in his 8 years of traveling. My top 5 of the list are:

  1. Everyone pretty much wants the same thing
  2. Deferring happiness is a bad idea
  3. Get outside and do something with other people
  4. Trying to be cool is useless
  5. Doing things to impress people is stupid

Everything sort of just reminds me about the fundamentals of life.


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all about connecting technology to everyday life and making things simple
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1 Response to life lessons and luck

  1. dchana says:

    going outside and doing something with other people is a great idea to expand your horizon, and I’m glad that I’m slowly starting to do more and more of it.

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