Innovation time bomb

There’s a lot of innovation going on these days. So much so that I just couldn’t keep up. Now if I can’t keep up now, when can I keep up? Or do I pick my poison? Like Steve Jobs said, the key is to say no to some things.

First, Summify and its iPhone App, which I haven’t played. G+’s iphone App. OS X Lion. New MBAs. Wow, that’s a lot of stuff I haven’t tried. One of these days I got to hit down to an Apple store and get my hands on some of that stuff to see what I want.

Both the MBA and MM are out. It seems like a Mac Mini is what I need for my next Mac, because I already have the peripherals. EDIT: I take it back. The Mimi looks like it’s for low-power users, who are on the budget and reusing its peripherals. I’m not really a power user, but I like to give myself the opportunity to be one, instead of being limited to a mediocre user.


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