Dorsey’s inspiring speech on design

Found here.

A lot of people have blogged about it, written about it, and it’s amazing how Jack has that kind of insight in the work that he does. I feel that he’s such a free man that he can think of beautiful ideas, and think about how to execute them. He doesn’t seem to let a lot of worries get into him, and he doesn’t let things bother him. Somewhere I read that he puts his whole dedication to the work that he does.

He must have spent a long time designing this presentation. It starts from a very simple idea. He takes one of his hobbies, reading the Economist, and use it to connect with design. He was amazed at how beautiful the magazine was assembled, and he is trying to inspire his people the importance of it. And it doesn’t come cheap. It’s not a 9-5 job – very very inspiring.


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