Pressure from work, and DevPartner

There is a significant amount of stress at work in the last couple of days because my task is way overdue. It was widely believed to be done in two weeks, and we are 100% over the budgeted amount of time. I can think of a few reasons as to why it took longer than expected:

We experimented with new controls. It was not a case where you drop a control, populate with data, and connect it with other controls and run with it. There was a week’s worth of experimentation to make sure we got the customized tab control that we wanted, and it’s still not there yet.

Debugging a feature like this can be time-consuming, because fixing one aspect can break another aspect of the feature.

The design spec was good, but it is definitely not complete. There were gaps where we had to fill in, and hence we implemented more than just what the feature set describes.

All in all, it’s coming to an end soon, and there is the next implementation that is coming along. From what upper level people say, it’s even harder.

Took a detour and tried out Dev Partner for the first time. Didn’t like it. I think it’s overrated. It doesn’t tell me anything beyond a metric that tells me how much coverage my unit tests have managed. It doesn’t tell me the quality of my tests. Well, I need to use it a bit more to see how good it is. I’m sure it’s at least more useful than this, otherwise it wouldn’t be out there.


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