back to basics

Back in the day, not too long ago, I was blogging way more, with more interesting things about myself and the world around me. Lately I stopped paying attention, and haven’t put in the efforts to be innovative and social.

This hurts, especially with life being so short, you dont’ want to miss a tweet that may give you the next big idea. When I think about it, how long ago did I come up with a good idea of some sorts? Where did my imagination go? I was simply shut down, with no answers.

The world keeps moving regardless of my participation. I slowed down for a couple of weeks, then I have to make it back when others are taking a breather…like a dog chasing cars when the car is waiting for a red light.

Things to look at:

  • Meetup for next week
  • Mango 7.5 (what is this?)
  • Japanese alphabet

About dchana

all about connecting technology to everyday life and making things simple
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