catching someone cheats in exam

This is not really appropriate, but I gotta say that it takes some guile to pick off someone’s attempt to cheat in an exam.

It all started with me checking on everyone’s ID, making sure that name corresponds to face, and name written down in pen. I’m not sure by doing that, I would fend off some cheaters. Lo and behold, someone slipped through this system, and was able to turn in a pencil-written exam in the cover page.

There I thought someone had slipped the system, and it turned out that this girl was trying to cheat. She erased a name that was supposed to be another student, and we were able to find that through deductive reasoning of the students who didn’t write the exam. (It takes practice to get a feeling of what students want to do)

Anyway, the prof is going to take care of this from here on. We had a good laugh, because we solved a mystery. And we also experience what students are like these days when they needed to cheat.


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