the end of the Jobs era

I was doing something completely different when someone passed by the news that Jobs is resigning as CEO of Apple. Wow, that shocked me. All along I have been thinking about working at Apple one day and eating lunch with him. Well, that day is gone.

John Biggs from TC referenced a good quote from the Buddhist that goes somewhat along the lines like: the sign of a mature man will live humbly for a cause. Wow, Steve Jobs really understands his Buddhism so well that he knows when to let go. Not to mention that he knows when to say no.

I hope we see Jobs healthy and be able to come back to Apple in the near future.

On a different note, there’s two books that’s kind of interesting. One is Amazon’s, found here. The other one is Steve Job’s biography, found here. Wanted to do pre-order for both, then then shipping is not free, so decided against it.


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