on making myself food

Most people don’t have to sweat it, because they will just buy it and forget about it. Well, I have to spend a bit more time and make my own food because it’s actually not convenient to eat out every night, let alone health issues.

On a conservative week, I still have to spend about $30 on my meals a week, which works out to be about $150 a month. Not too bad, but clearly seafood and salmon is not in that budget, and sometimes not even fruits.

As for making food, I can make limited food, so if I’m in dire needs of something different, I can go to buy lunch in the campus. Anything other than campus food is pretty much not possible because it takes too much time.

I have a little urge of eating breakfast and McDonalds, because once in a while I do miss the breakfast. However, with some cheap cereal, free milk and coffee at work, I just couldn’t see the point of eating out if I could have 2 weeks worth of breakfast for $2.



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