so focused at work

I have been so focused at work and taking care of my work-related things that I hardly have time to wonder around the world of technologies much and think about ideas.

BUILD conference stuff doesn’t count because it is still MS technologies. But it’s hard to think of anything unrelated to MS because they have suddenly becoming relevant again. With Azure, Server, and Windows 8 coming along, it seems like MS’s core is vitalized in a big way. Suddenly, people feel old about Apple and Google.

That’s the way in tech I think. That’s why it’s cyclical. People grow bored of one technology, and they jump ship to something that solves one problem, and creates another. The world is trying to catch up by fixing the problems that their predecessor creates. If you could create a solution before the problem, you could achieve eternity.

Despite putting in hours working, I still feel useless to the team and the rest of the folks. I almost feel like I haven’t talked to enough people to ask them for help. Starting tomorrow, I am going to bug people and ask them to teach me different things.


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