startup weekend

This weekend there is the startup weekend that I would have loved to join, found here. Work has been busy, and on the weekend I need to do a some work to catch up on the material that I need to know in order for me to be productive, so I have my hands full.

Outside that, I’m also in the midst of transitioning my move down. So I’m constantly juggling between a few things. Conceptually, it’s like having a graph of multiple outlets that I’m constantly trying to move forward.

Some day I need to figure out how I can tech-up myself on the weekend and down time. I feel as though spending the day hours at work is not enough, it’s merely the status quo these days. I need to burn the midnight oil, as Steve Jobs said, to push forward and improve at a faster rate. It’s happening I hope.


About dchana

all about connecting technology to everyday life and making things simple
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