listening to Sacca

Wow. It was another moment of awe when you listen to these valley veterans, who just seems to be well connected to each other. Not surprisingly, listening to Kevin Rose’s Foundation videos, I learned quite a few big names in the valley, and also get to know what makes those people special.

I didn’t know Sacca at all, but after listening to his episode with Rose, I felt like I know him for so long.  He’s just one of those smart people who naturally gets ahead of the curve because of some fundamental thinking. You don’t need to be a genius. Start with a good heart, hard work, and do all the proper things the proper way, and good things will come.

Do well at school, be generally smart, and network, because that is the only way to get yourself good gigs, know more people, and expand out of your routine.


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all about connecting technology to everyday life and making things simple
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