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I was cleaning up my favorites list in twitter and bumped into the usability site, found here. This is a good quick guide to usability and design. I should spend some time reading it. Also, a recommended book from the … Continue reading

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iCloud and stolen content

Imagine your beloved Macbook gets stolen, then you’re going to lose your digital life. All your memories, photos, data, and private information will be in somebody’s hand. It’s going to be hard to live through the next couple of days … Continue reading

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Bloomberg businessweek

Random surfing drops me to Bloomberg’s businessweek article “top 25 web people” to watch, in here. In it, Paul Graham, someone who I haven’t heard of, wrote essays in his website that have been highly regarded in the Internet (or … Continue reading

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Long week, and long weekend ahead

Finally survived through another week, where a lot of work have piled up towards the end of the week, and to be carried over through the long weekend to next week. But life is good, learning and chugging away, so … Continue reading

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MWNW 2011

The Make Web Not War conference is a hip conference! It’s a place where awesome people demo awesome apps, and other spectators trying to join for the fun. It’s also nice to see that the web arena has both young … Continue reading

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