Hulu hiring, and some back burners

Just ran into a hiring ad for Hulu, found here. In it, it reference the Hulu culture, found here. That culture part really interests me, because I want to know what people look for in a stream video company. More importantly, what kind of skills are necessary to excel in this industry?

A couple of things that have been sitting in the back burner needs to be kickstarted once again:

  • Project Euler
  • IRC chat
  • TopCoder
  • Github

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Paper reading/publishing club

This is something I had in mind a long time ago. Why don’t we start a academic literature club where we read papers in the current tech space and then share it in a group. This can enhance our collective understanding of the literature out there.

Moreover, why not go check out what MS Research is doing and hope to get some understanding on research that is going on at MS. I think that would be exciting if we can do it. Should look into that at work starting tomorrow.


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startup weekend

This weekend there is the startup weekend that I would have loved to join, found here. Work has been busy, and on the weekend I need to do a some work to catch up on the material that I need to know in order for me to be productive, so I have my hands full.

Outside that, I’m also in the midst of transitioning my move down. So I’m constantly juggling between a few things. Conceptually, it’s like having a graph of multiple outlets that I’m constantly trying to move forward.

Some day I need to figure out how I can tech-up myself on the weekend and down time. I feel as though spending the day hours at work is not enough, it’s merely the status quo these days. I need to burn the midnight oil, as Steve Jobs said, to push forward and improve at a faster rate. It’s happening I hope.

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switch or not

For me, it’s not whether I want to switch developing for iOS or for Windows, it’s wether I should pick it up or not, because it’s not easy.

It’s not about being physically strong or not, it’s about having that mental strength to push through after a long day staring at code and doing the same thing. I should at least pick it up, since I have resources with me, and a wealth of knowledge from the team around me.

Think about it. Think about it.

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on making myself food

Most people don’t have to sweat it, because they will just buy it and forget about it. Well, I have to spend a bit more time and make my own food because it’s actually not convenient to eat out every night, let alone health issues.

On a conservative week, I still have to spend about $30 on my meals a week, which works out to be about $150 a month. Not too bad, but clearly seafood and salmon is not in that budget, and sometimes not even fruits.

As for making food, I can make limited food, so if I’m in dire needs of something different, I can go to buy lunch in the campus. Anything other than campus food is pretty much not possible because it takes too much time.

I have a little urge of eating breakfast and McDonalds, because once in a while I do miss the breakfast. However, with some cheap cereal, free milk and coffee at work, I just couldn’t see the point of eating out if I could have 2 weeks worth of breakfast for $2.


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so focused at work

I have been so focused at work and taking care of my work-related things that I hardly have time to wonder around the world of technologies much and think about ideas.

BUILD conference stuff doesn’t count because it is still MS technologies. But it’s hard to think of anything unrelated to MS because they have suddenly becoming relevant again. With Azure, Server, and Windows 8 coming along, it seems like MS’s core is vitalized in a big way. Suddenly, people feel old about Apple and Google.

That’s the way in tech I think. That’s why it’s cyclical. People grow bored of one technology, and they jump ship to something that solves one problem, and creates another. The world is trying to catch up by fixing the problems that their predecessor creates. If you could create a solution before the problem, you could achieve eternity.

Despite putting in hours working, I still feel useless to the team and the rest of the folks. I almost feel like I haven’t talked to enough people to ask them for help. Starting tomorrow, I am going to bug people and ask them to teach me different things.

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exciting next week

The BUILD conference is next week found here. Lots of Windows goodies to learn, and lots of things to read up on.

I need to follow these bloggers more regularly so that I can find out the latest and greatest stuff from them, and also use my internal networks to see how deep I can dig into it.

Listening to my audiobook, I find that I should find infected people to work with me. I can’t do things alone. Somehow, somewhere, I need to find a few people who are anxious to do something meaningful, in addition to their day job.

ThinkWeek this week too. I should think of something and write about it. At least read about what others have written, to get some ideas flowing. Those should make good morning read before work.


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